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Every Man Jack

Every Man Jack is a personal care company that makes high performing, naturally derived products. Since 2019 we've been providing ongoing support for their email campaigns and flows to keep their new and recurring customers engaged. 


  • Increased average click-through rate and placed order rate in promotional email campaigns and email flows

  • Decreased email production time by 50% by creating guidelines and saved blocks in Klaviyo

Promotional Emails

We use aspirational imagery with clean, eye-catching type to engage subscribers and align with Every Man Jack’s brand identity. We emphasize offers and call-to-actions to increase click-through rates.

Welcome Flow

We designed each email in Every Man Jack’s welcome flow, which is a series of emails that customers get after signing up to receive emails. We focused on communicating values to increase interest, reviews to increase trust, and a discount code to increase orders placed.

Email Production

Through creating email guidelines and implementing them in Klaviyo, we were able to reduce email production time by 50% on average while maintaining a strong brand image. All while using best practices for accessibility and deliverability.

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