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Humble Brands

Humble Brands is a personal care company that makes products with simple, all natural ingredients. We’ve been working with (and using) Humble since 2019 creating packaging, digital ads, and print materials.


  • Maintained a strong, cohesive brand image through developing packaging for 3 new products and 10 new scents (and counting)

  • Increased average click through rate and placed order rate of email campaigns through updated designs

  • Designed sales collateral that were utilized to increase product placement in retailers


In 2019 Humble had only 6 scents and 2 lines of deodorant. Since then we developed packaging for 3 new products, 2 new lines of deodorant, and over 10 new scents (and counting). Smells like success.


  • Increased design efficiency and consistency with packaging standards and guidelines

  • Created a color map for all of Humble’s packaging to increase visual cohesiveness and strategize for future packaging colors

  • Overwhelmingly positive feedback from retailers, customers, and even Jason Momoa (yes, the Jason Momoa)

Email Design

Humble’s previous email designs were not cohesive with their brand image and not functioning optimally on mobile devices. In 2022 we updated the look and feel to be cohesive with Humble’s brand image and for emails to be functional on all devices.


  • Increased average click through rate and placed order rate in campaigns through effective, functional designs

  • Decreased average unsubscribe rate by sending engaging, relevant emails

  • Increased efficiency in email production time through creating email design templates

Sales Collateral

Humble's previous sales collateral was crowded, overwhelming, and difficult for viewers to understand. In 2022 we updated their sales collateral to clearly communicate Humble's value and elevate the overall aesthetic.


  • Materials were utilized in sales meetings to increase placement of Humble products in retailers

  • Brought confidence to the sales team when presenting to new retailers

  • Increased design efficiency through creating a customizable master brand deck

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