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North is a grooming company that makes high quality, all natural grooming products at an attainable price. Their goal is to be a classic, reliable brand that will be a leader in their space.

We created a brand identity for North aimed to stand the test of time and connect with their customers.


We created this triangular mark with an arrow pointing up to indicate the core value of constant improvement. We paired the mark with Garamond, a time-tested typeface, which has the perfect mix of sturdiness and roughness.

Typography + Color

We chose a natural, earthy color palette to reflect the core value of caring for the planet. We chose Garamond, a classic, time-tested typeface, for headlines. Chainprinter added in a unqiue, rough character for sub-headlines, which compliments the headline well. We chose Montserrat for body copy which is clean, widely available, and easy to read.


We created an icon set that can be used in marketing materials to quickly communicate the brand values. Each icon is geometrically constructed and has a little bit of roughening added to the edges.


In North's packaging we let the typography and black containers make a statement. We put only the most important information on the front faces, and left out any frivolous design elements.

Branded Applications

We want North's promotional materials to be direct, honest and engaging. We want North to build trust with their customers so that they feel confident when interacting with the brand.