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Brand Identity Design.

We believe your brand deserves a unique, candid visual identity that aligns with your business goals and engages your audience. Our process guides you through forming a brand strategy, creating your visual identity and personality, and wrapping it all up in a brand guideline document.



We start by meeting with you to discuss your goals, challenges, and expectations for your brand identity. This is an opportunity for you to tell us about your product or service, industry, audience, preferences, and any other necessary information. The goal is for us to have a clear understanding of your history, where you stand now, and your vision for the future.



Brand Strategy

We will create a brand strategy document based on our Discovery meeting, research, and analysis. This document will define your company’s reason for being, values you make decisions by, personality and voice, positioning and audience, and vision for the future. Forming a strategy will help us understand who you are and who you’re for, which will inform our design decisions.



Brand Boards

With your brand strategy in place, we will create 3 brand boards that align with your brand’s strategy and goals. These boards are collections of images, graphics, and type treatments that represent an overall look and feel. This allows you to review a few styles and select what feels right for your brand before diving into visual asset creation. The final brand board will be our guide when creating all visual assets.



Logo Design

With your brand board chosen, we will create 3 logo concepts that reflect your brand board and brand strategy. Your logo will be shown on all of your visual materials in a wide variety of scales, and we believe it’s important to have a system that works with all of them. Each unique concept will be shown in different sizes, colors, and mockups to make sure your logo is strong and distinctive.



Color + Typography

Color and typography play a critical role in brand recognition and standing out among competitors. We will create 3 concepts of color and typography combinations that are unique to your brand and align with your strategy. We will show these combinations in a variety of mockups with your logo to make sure your brand presence is strong.



Visual Assets

With our key visual elements in place, we will create concepts for your brand icons, imagery style, patterns, textures, and branded applications. These will serve as guidelines and extra ingredients to use in your brand’s visual identity. Branded applications will serve as visual references and starting points when creating promotional materials, packaging, and more.



Brand Guidelines

Now that all of your visual elements are ready to go, we will create a brand guideline document that ties everything together. It will be a one stop shop for your brand strategy and visual identity guidelines so that employees, contractors, and partners can have a clear understanding of your brand.


Final Files

We will prepare and send the final files for your logo, visual assets, and brand guidelines. Your new brand identity is ready to go!

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