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Many of today's ready-to-drink coffees are over-caffeinated, high in calories, or just outright taste bad. Although some options have high quality ingredients or great taste, there remains a gap for a coffee that's not only delicious but also enhances focus.

Enter TAKEOFF. TAKEOFF filled this void by creating a cold brew with 100mg of caffeine, perfectly balanced with lion's mane mushroom for sustained focus without any jitters. Sourced from premium, ethical coffee farms, TAKEOFF offers a rich, smooth flavor profile.

We developed TAKEOFF's cold brew packaging, along with a comprehensive brand strategy, visual identity, and marketing materials. These initiatives are designed to establish TAKEOFF as a leading, premium beverage brand that not only caters to the taste buds but also inspires customers to excel.

Brand Strategy

We created a brand strategy for TAKEOFF that brings clarity to who they are and will help guide their communications decisions. This strategy helped us create relevant visual identity assets and marketing materials designed to produce results.


TAKEOFF is the ready-to-drink beverage brand of the future, and we aimed to infuse an otherworldly feeling into their entire visual identity. For their logo, we created a wordmark that draws inspiration from digital typefaces and the bold aesthetics of futuristic movie posters. We used bold, rectangular forms that ensure instant recognition across various sizes.


We selected typefaces that embody a futuristic and technological essence. Eurostile is a legendary typeface from the 1960s, and has become a staple in science fiction films and artworks. We also chose BDR Mono 2006 and Monument Grotesk Mono for their resemblance to classic computer terminal interfaces, enhancing the overall digital aesthetic.


TAKEOFF's bottle design, inspired by the silhouette of a classic rocket ship, is crafted from aluminum to reduce waste. Its minimalist layout features bold typography and a restrained color palette, distinguishing it from the clichéd coffee bean imagery of its competitors. We aimed to create a sleek, premium experience that customers will appreciate and enjoy.